Level 1

Our treatment begins with the first contact. An important factor is to describe ones symptoms in detail and to get help finding an appropriate measure to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

Many people lack a holistic perspective, which in our treatment we found to be the best and most successful solution that provides the best future stability. Often, patients are looking for many different types of treatment to see if any of them help. Some will be feeling temporarily better but the problems will resurface when the underlying cause is not identified and treated.

The first step is to gain insight into the cause and effect. Which you do best by filling in our questionnaire. By using your answers to our questionnaire and our associated general comments and instructions, you will get a good insight and instructions for self-help.

Previous customer?

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Level 2

Level 2 contains an in-depth study of stress profile in English and personal guidance. The Stress Profile is theoretical and statistically substantiated and is based on Swedish and international research in stress and work environment. Level 2 will be initiated if the patient is in need of further treatment and can be conducted only when you have completed Level 1.