Tinnitus Treatment / Cure

Tinnitus Treatment & Tinnitus Relief

Tinnitus is a troublesome symptom that usually occurs after a long period of emotional stress. Tinnitus can adversely affect everyday life and impair quality of life. There is tinnitus treatment to get, where relief is achieved relatively soon and where continued work to eliminate the causes gives complete relief and thus a positive effect on your well-being.

Cure Tinnitus

Tinnitus is not a disease and therefore you’re usually not saying that you can cure tinnitus. However, one can become free from tinnitus. There are ways to relieve tinnitus, and get completely trouble-free. To reduce and eliminate the troubles you need to understand why you got the symptoms. Initially, you may need help to deal with the anxiety the symptom creates. Anxiety is often a source of tension, and tension, in turn, causes tinnitus. Somatic tinnitus, which is due to muscle tension, can be remedied but you may need guidance in this. Insight and understanding of cause and effect is an important start. Our questionnaire “Help with Self-help” provides you with “tools” to help yourself. If needed, we provide further guidance´s and help to a trouble free situation in Step 2.

Tinnitus Help

We offer two levels in our Tinnitus treatment – the first level is a treatment that you easily carry out online – “Help with Self-help”, this is a questionnaire where you get detailed questions and answers – about your symptoms – and guidance on how you can reduce these on your own. Tinnitus treatment – “Level one”.

Treatment of your tinnitus, level 2. Get help by a KBT therapist to design an individual action plan to alleviate your tinnitus and move on towards the goal of becoming completely trouble-free. An individual action plan is designed after we have just clarified your load factors in order to be able to specify an accurate action plan. It includes home assignments to reduce emotional stress and to provide you with tools to deal with future challenges. It can include tasks to change behavioral patterns, to think in a way that does not create anxiety or irritation, it can involve probing a more radical change in your life situation. In addition, you get guidance’s on what you otherwise can do to reduce your state of tension in the face, neck and jaws.